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How to Recover Photos for LG Optimus and Esteem

"Life isn't always a bowl of cherries. That can describe my feelings right now. This is terrible experience for me. I just got a new gift from my boyfriend - LG Optimus, and this is the first thing I received from him, we took lots of photos by LG phone, and when I got home and decided to load pictures from SD card to my Macbook, I was not sure which operations I made by mistake, all the pictures were gone away! I can't find them wherever from LG, and nothing in the Trash of Macbook neither.OMG, these photos are so important for me, I don't want to lose them! What can I do to recover photos for LG Optimus phone? "

Seemed that similar problem happened in high frequency. One of my friends owns LG Esteem, and deleted all the movies that downloaded accidently. He came to me to get help to fix this problem. Though, I am able to give my suggestions and tutorial to retrieve data from LG phone.

Things You Need

1. Professional and powerful data recovery software for Mac, here I recommended uMacsoft Data Recovery, who is all-in-one program that can recover almost all the data on Mac machine, such as recover photos, videos, audios, MS Office Documents, or even raw recovery. You can access their official website to see the features in details.

2. When downloading and running Mac data recovery program, you need to connect LG phone to Mac. And then to select and click on the partition that need to be scanned the lost files. The program can scan LG phone automatically to find out the loss.

3. When finishing scanning data, all the files that deleted or lost on LG phone can be displayed on the interface of program, you will see your important photos or data on the left side of data recovery application. Just select them to preview by hitting "Preview" button, if they are the ones you need to restore, then save them onto computer.

Now, that did it! With the above tutorial I suggested, you will get photos for LG Optimus or Esteem. It's so easy to operate uMacsoft Data Recovery application. I have tested lot of related recovery programs; this one is the most easy-to-use, and simple program interface.

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LG Esteem

The LG Esteem fits like a well-tailored suit. It has the smoking' hot Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform and a 1GHz processor for the highest caliber of usability. It pumps out high-definition entertainment that can be shared a variety of ways, features HD streaming, has a music player, and even face-to-face chat with the front facing camera! Needless to say, it's complete in a multitude of ways.

LG Optimus

Intelligence is easy with the LG Optimus. Touting advanced features and user-friendly simplicity, alongside the brilliant Android™ operating system and Google™ app functionality, Optimus LG phones are set with everything you need to navigate through your daily life.

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