The Best Recovery Software on Mac

uMacsoft Data Recovery is powerful and professional recovery utility on Mac. It supports a wide variety of file formats for both HFS and NTFS file system. If you lost some important files or data like videos, audios, images or Microsoft Office Document files or even email on Mac, uMacsoft has ability to recover them successfully! In addition, if you have lost some Windows compatible files on external hardware such as USB Flash drive, uMacsoft also is able to retrieve them with best!

Recovering deleted files is no small deal--as anyone who's lost some will attest. But with so many programs out there, it's had to choose. uMacsoft Data Recovery will help you get the deleted files back from the Trash efficiently! Its smart engine can deeply san your Mac, and put your lost files on the screen to allow you to decide which ones you need to recover.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Digital Camera?

With uMacsoft Photo Recovery utility, you can recover deleted photos easily and quickly. Its smart engine, uMacsoft enables to scan your partitions completely to find lost photos, then you will see what you have deleted accidently! Just install-scan-save operation on program, you could get lost photos back as soon as possible!

How to Recover Deleted Video Files on Mac OSX?

Videos are so important that have become people's most treasured possessions. That's why losing them can be very frustrating.

How to Recover TXT Files on Mac

Help me recover text I lost from a copy and paste error, I just had a huge block of text on my clipboard. When going to paste it, I accidentally hit command-c instead of command-v ... copying a new block of text. Is there any way I can recover the text I just erased from the clipboard? I'm on a Mac running OSX. I deleted a text file and I have to recover .txt files as soon as possible!

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How to Recover Lost Audio Files on Mac

Currently, there is no doubt that our life has become more brilliant with audio files. Mobile phones enable us to record special ringtones to make fun. Some professional software can record our words or songs for memory. If you are new mother or father, you must record your baby's crying or laughing as their growth gift.

How to Recover Emails on Mac

What if your email files are damaged or deleted by you or others accidently? If you lose important email files with clients message, your boss might rage or name-calling! uMacsoft Data Recovery designed specifically for email recovery on Mac can fix this problem.

uMacsoft Data Recovery supports all popular media files' formats for HFS.

Audio files recovery


Movie files recovery


Photo recovery


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How to Recover Lost Data from SD Card

uMacsoft Data Recovery is also a SD Card Recovery software for Mac OS. It performs memory card recovery from memory sticks, compact flash, IBM Micro Drives, SD Cards, MMC Cards, XD Cards or Secure Digital Cards. Actually, if you have a card reader and it can read your card, or at least mount it into Mac OS, uMacsoftl will easily analyze it and find your lost data, if it's still there.

How to Recover Lost Files from USB

I rely on my USB on daily works, and last hour when I was tried to access my 16 gigabyte USB I was almost dead in the water...

How to Recover PAD Files on Mac

You have just finished a programming master piece, you had barely time to save them, your computer corrupt, and all your works are gone, and they are not in the Trash! Can you recover unsaved PAD files on Mac?

Recover lost files from players

iPod(Nano, Classic, Shuffle), Mobile Phone, MP3/MP4 Player

Retrieve deleted files from hard disk

Mac Machine, USB Drive, External Hard Drive, Memory Sticks, Secured Digital(SD) Card, XD Picture (XD) Card, Compact Flash(CF) card, Multi Media(MMC) Card, Digital Camera

uMacsoft Data Recovery works as fireman to protect your important files from losing permanently, so this utility is your must-have application on Mac.

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Recover Deleted Microsoft Document on Mac

I finished typing a word document, but forgot to save it, I went to minimize it when I was accessing the internet, and maybe I clicked on close? But there was no pop up to say if I wanted to save document. I tried to recover document, but not there, then went to the file tab to see if there was a trace of the last document? Nothing! Have I lost it? Or can I retrieve MS Word! Just happened a minute ago.

How to retrieve photos from CF Card

CompactFlash (CF) is a mass storage device format used in portable electronic devices. The format was first specified and produced by SanDisk. It is now used for a variety of devices; most contain flash memory but some, such as the Microdrive, contain a hard disk.

How to Recover Digital Pictures on Mac

Recovering Digital Pictures from Hard Disks and Flash Memory Cards. You can always restore lost pictures easily with Magic Photo Recovery on Mac!

How many digital camera formats do you know?

digital photos recovery
  • NEF - Raw photo captured by a Nikon digital camera
  • CRW/CR2 - Camera RAW image file from a Canon digital camera
  • ORF - Unprocessed RAW photo taken with an Olympus digital camera
  • RAF - Uncompressed RAW photograph taken with a Fuji digital camera
  • SR2 - Digital photo captured by a Sony digital camera
  • MRW - Raw image format used by Minolta Dimage digital cameras
  • DCR - Uncompressed image saved in Kodak's RAW image format
  • RAW - Image file generated by digital cameras such as some Panasonic and Leica cameras; contains uncompressed, raw image data
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How to Recover PowerPoint Files on Mac

I am working on a college assignment and I create courseware each day, so PowerPoint is very important for me. Last hour, I just finished one ppt file, and decided to transfer it to my USB drive, at that moment, my computer turned to black without any signal. When I reboot my Mac, I got nothing on my USB drive, and my PPT file was lost on Mac, there was nothing in the Trash! What make it happen? How can I recover PowerPoint files without re-creating it?

How to Recover PDF Files on Mac

Is there any efficient way to retrieve my lost pdf files on Macbook? I just need an application to recover PDF files as soon as possible and successfully. Also, I would like to convert word to PDF, how can I do?

How to Recover Microsoft Office Documents on Mac

uMacsoft Data Recovery is able to get the lost files back successfully. Whatever video, audio or image files, once they are lost from your Mac, hard drive or portable devices, uMacsoft is your good assistant to get them back!

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How to Recover Mac Files with Data Recovery

I have more than 200 files that were accidentally deleted from my computer's hard drive. Can any Macintosh genius, hackers etc. direct me to recover the files on Mac?

How to Recover Files from Flash Drive

My USB flash drive is showing up when I plug it into my Macbook but there is no files to be seen, is there a way to restore files on Flash Drive?

Recover Photos Deleted on Memory Card

I uploaded more than 1000 photos into iPhoto, reflexively deleted them from my camera, and BOOM, my hard drive died. I was wondering if, using iPhoto, or any other application; I can attempt to recover deleted photos from my Canon......

Document files recovery


Archive files recovery


emails recovery


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How to Recover Files on MMC

Lost import photos on MMC (MultiMediaCard)? Don't worry about this any more. A Great data recovery software that enables to help you recover files on MMC if you get it right now. uMacsoft Data Recover is able to perform a professional MMC Recovery software for you.

How to Achieve Seagate Recovery on Mac

Lost important files on Seagate drive? Just refer to this article to know how to do Seagate Recovery on Mac.

How to Do Raw Recovery and Repair Hard Drive

uMacsoft Data Recovery can perform raw recovery to retrieve lost files on Mac successfully. Deep scan and recovery feature allows you to get the lost data back as the origin.

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