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In case you are reading this page, you likely have just lost some critical files. Most of people usually do not keep data recovery software until they need it. Yes, everybody knows that individuals don’t have good habit to back up our files and store our external drive in a different location just in case, but this doesn't always happen. After reminding you to ultimately be a little more diligent with your backup plans down the road, spend time to take into account the way you lost your computer data and find out some good method from the proven fact that there's hope. Lost data or deleted files usually stay in memory until there're written over. What the heck is "lost" would be the pathway or direct access towards data. Recovery software can help you chose the data in the event the pathway don’t exists.

So, you have to read the following articles one by one to see why you lost important data on Mac, and how to deal with these tough troubles.

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Photo Recovery Software VS Data Recovery Software

Did you ever accidently delete a significant digital photograph from a storage device or computer after which empty the trash? This article will tell you the reason and solution.

The Best Way to Perform iPhone Data Recover

This article will let you know how to recover deleted files on iPhone, and how to mount iPhone as USB drive as well.

How to recover DRM videos on Mac

Do you know how to remove drm from iTunes video? What if your drm movies purchased from iTunes are deleted by mistake? This article will tell you how to recover drm movie on Mac.

How to Recover Audiobooks on Mac

When you purchased some audiobooks online, just for business or entertainment, once you deleted them by mistake, or hard drive damaged make audiobooks lost, you just need to read this article to find out the best answer or recovering audiobooks.

digital photos recovery
  • NEF - Raw photo captured by a Nikon digital camera
  • CRW/CR2 - Camera RAW image file from a Canon digital camera
  • ORF - Unprocessed RAW photo taken with an Olympus digital camera
  • RAF - Uncompressed RAW photograph taken with a Fuji digital camera
  • SR2 - Digital photo captured by a Sony digital camera
  • MRW - Raw image format used by Minolta Dimage digital cameras
  • DCR - Uncompressed image saved in Kodak's RAW image format
  • RAW - Image file generated by digital cameras such as some Panasonic and Leica cameras; contains uncompressed, raw image data
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How to Perform FAT Data Recovery

With uMacsoft data recovery software, and this article tutorial in detail, you don’t worry about lost data on FAT hard drive anymore.

How to Archive Files Recovery on Mac

With this article, you will know how to recover archive files on Mac successfully. uMacsoft data recovery software is professional recovery software for Mac users.

Video Converter Software vs Video Recovery Software

Do you know how to convert video from one format to another online for free? Do you know how to recover your favorite video files on Mac? This article covers the effective tutorial for you.

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Photo Flash Maker vs Photo Recovery

If you want to make your own and unique photo DVD, then this article will tell you how, and if you want to recover deleted photos on Mac, this page will cover the best method.

Audio Recording and Audio Recovery Software

This article will tell you how to recover deleted audio files on Mac, mobile phone. Also, you will know which is the best audio recording software as well.

PPT Slideshow Maker and PPT Recovery

If you are user of PPT, you must make presentation more often. And this article covers the fact of how to make ppt slideshow and how to recover deleted ppt files on Mac.

Video Creator and Video Recovery Software

With this article, you will know how to make video clips by yourself and which video creator tool you should take, and if the video is deleted by mistake, you will know how to recover them with ease.

Audio files recovery


Movie files recovery


Photo recovery


There are more than 10,000 users around the world using uMacsoft Data Recovery to get the lost files back successfully! With its smart engine, whatever data lost or damaged can be retrieved seamlessly!

free download Mac Data Recovery Get lost files back

2012 Popular iTunes Movie and Movie Recovery Software

This article will tell you what is iTunes and DRM copyright protection on iTunes movies, and how to recovery iTunes videos when they are lost.

Free Download Audiobook and Recover Audiobook on Mac

With this article, you will know where to download free audiobook on computer and how to recover lost audiobook on Mac.

3D Movie Maker and Movie Recovery Software

3D movie is so popular in the movie market. This article will tell you how to make your own 3D movies, and once you lost 3D movie on Mac by mistake, you could refer to the tutorial of this page to recover 3D movie by yourself.

Recover lost files from players

iPod(Nano, Classic, Shuffle), Mobile Phone, MP3/MP4 Player

Retrieve deleted files from hard disk

Mac Machine, USB Drive, External Hard Drive, Memory Sticks, Secured Digital(SD) Card, XD Picture (XD) Card, Compact Flash(CF) card, Multi Media(MMC) Card, Digital Camera

uMacsoft Data Recovery works as fireman to protect your important files from losing permanently, so this utility is your must-have application on Mac.

free download Mac Data Recovery Get lost files back